On the Campaign Trail.....
J. William Reynolds
Bethlehem City Councilman
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On the Campaign Trail.....

We're On TV

by William on 05/15/13

Dear Friends: 

We are six days out and the momentum in this campaign continues to build. As I go door to door, the citizens of Bethlehem keep telling me how much they relate to my campaign's message about how our city needs to move forward. 

For the next six days, we will continue to spread our campaign message. We will reach voters at the doors, on the phones, in the mail, and now... on TV. 

If you haven't seen it yet, I'd like to share our campaign's new TV ad. 

I hope you will not only watch the video, but also forward it, share it on facebook and twitter, and help us get our message out to all voters across Bethlehem before next Tuesday. 

Thank you for your continued support and let's go win this thing! 

Let's Get Out the Vote - Campaign Rally UPDATE: 4PM

by William on 05/14/13

Dear Friends: 

The momentum behind my campaign for Mayor is powerful and electrifying.  

Thank you for standing with me for the past five months - from the day I stood on my front porch and announced that I was running for Mayor, until today, one week from the election.   

I invite you now to come full circle with me as we make a strong push through this final week. 

Join Me
*This FRIDAY, MAY 17th*

at the 

4:00 p.m. sharp
Payrow Plaza @ Bethlehem City Hall 
10 E. Church Street

We are going to show Bethlehem that we are serious about moving the City forward and we are serious about electing a Mayor with vision and integrity. 

You're not going to want to miss this.

Local leaders will join me to make their official endorsement of my campaign. 
Residents from across the city will gather to show their support. 
We will all stand together to rally behind this historic election and rally for the future of our City! 

Thank you for your continued support and let's go win this thing! 

"Reynolds is the Only Choice for Bethlehem" - Michael Recchiuti, City Council

by William on 05/11/13

by: Michael Recchiuti -- Bethlehem City Councilman and Chairman of the Bethlehem City Democratic Committee

Bob Donchez’s continued negative mailers and attacks on J. William Reynolds have shown the voters of Bethlehem how desperate he truly is.   Donchez will say and do anything to become Mayor, even going as far as to hire a convicted criminal to advise his campaign.  The negative campaign of Donchez has only divided the city further, at a time when we should be coming together to help Bethlehem prosper.  Donchez would have you believe that becoming Mayor of Bethlehem is his birth right, a crowning achievement to his many years of public service.  The mayorship of Bethlehem is not a lifetime achievement award. 

Fortunately there is an alternative to the negativity.  J. William Reynolds has the experience and an understanding of the issues facing Bethlehem, and a plan to keep Bethlehem moving forward.  Reynolds has a vision for the city that will work to unite us, not divide us, by empowering people and getting them involved in our city government.  Bethlehem is entering is its new Golden Age, and we need a strong, progressive leader in City Hall to continue to make Bethlehem grow and achieve its fullest potential.    I am proud to say I support and endorse Willie Reynolds for Mayor of Bethlehem.

Michael D. Recchiuti

Bethlehem City Councilman

Chairman, Bethlehem City Democratic Committee

City Councilwoman Karen Dolan Reacts to Donchez Misleading Campaign Tactics

by William on 05/02/13

by: City Councilwoman Karen Dolan 

Looking through my mail today, once again I was confronted with a ridiculous, deliberately misleading campaign mailer from my long-time Bethlehem City Council colleague Robert Donchez, a man with a hard-earned image as a nice guy and able, reliable political figure in the Lehigh Valley. 

Why would Bob trade his personal image to denigrate a colleague using dirty tricks, misleading images, and un-truths as cover? Does Bob think you have to be dishonest to be the mayor? If this was supposed to convince the voters that Bob is more worthy of respect than Mayoral candidate J. William Reynolds, then this dirty political flyer has backfired.

Bob’s most recent mailer deliberately attempts to confuse voters about Willie Reynold’s commitment and leadership by using classic “mud-slinging” political tricks like  “bait and switch” and the “straw man fallacy.” 

These tricks purposely mislead voters. Please allow me to set the record straight.
1) Willie Reynolds took office as councilman in January of 2008. Since then, Reynolds has attended 124 of 128 City Council meetings, a record of 97% attendance. 

2) There is no Citizen’s Council that grades City Council members. Not now. Not ever.  

If Willie wanted to “go negative,” he could have made his own deceitful flyer pointing out that Donchez  attended fewer council meetings: missing at least 7, but both men have excellent attendance. Or, he could create a flyer about Bob’s low score given to him by the Bethlehem citizen who wrongly stated he represents a “Citizen’s Council.” But that won’t happen because Willie’s flyers have content; they are about Willie’s ideas for Bethlehem, not facetious attack advertisements.
So what are voters supposed to believe? Willie has excellent attendance at City Council meetings, and he spends significant time on civic issues throughout the year, as do all City Council members who maintain involvement on citizen boards as much as they can. Willie’s commitment to various causes in the city is commendable. 

I hope Bethlehem voters reject Bob’s negative campaigning and recognize these tactics as deliberate deception, and not the type of behavior one expects from a potential Mayor.

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"I believe in the idea of Bethlehem. The idea that people live in our neighborhoods because they want to be here. It is the unique idea that you can have a city with a high quality of life, thriving downtowns, and schools that people want to send their kids to. I believe in a stronger Bethlehem for today, tomorrow, and forever."


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